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Erin Toscano

Erin Toscano | Contracting Relationship Specialist

602.955.5353 Ext. 303
Toll Free: 800-955-5390

My business card should say…

Contracting Service Specialist with big ambitions and big hair.

Why I enjoy being at WAP…

Being a part of an organization where not only our agents but the staff are acknowledged for their value and encouraged to grow and educate themselves. Everyone at WAP is genuinely good natured and willing to help in any way possible. Integrity, support, and innovative thinking make coming to work every day a positive experience.

Ask me about (at WAP)…

Anything. Each day I leave the office knowing more about this industry and our company than when I walked through the doors, so ask me whatever you need to know! Either I will have answer or I will find it for you.

Where I am from and what brought me here…

Most of my life was spent growing up in Montana until college brought me over to Portland, OR where I graduated from PSU. I spent the next decade moving around quite a bit both on the East and West coast until I landed back in Portland were I started my family. We ended up in Phoenix the summer of 2017 so far loving the weather!

What I can’t stop talking about…

My kids! They are 3 and 6 and my entire world. They keep me busy but I am very lucky to be surrounded by so much love on a regular basis.

What you might not know about me…

I have two different colored eyes. One blue and one half blue and half green. The technical term is Heterochromia and Arizona has been the only state I’ve lived that allows me to indicate this on my driver’s license.