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Mel Rose

Mel Rose | Chairman of the Board

Direct Line: 602-770-5063

My business card should say…

It has been suggested that rather than CEO, perhaps another title would be CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer.

Why I enjoy being at WAP…

Inspiring others to reach for their highest good simultaneously creates the space for increased happiness and success.

Ask me about (at WAP)…

Everything! Since acquiring WAP in 1998, I’ve had the joy of assembling an extraordinary team of individuals who complement our mission of treating everyone we encounter with kindness and integrity.

Where I am from and what brought me here…

Northern CA is where I was raised. After completing my BA and M-Div I served as a Christian minister for 20 years in So-Cal, Oregon, Iowa and Michigan. Our family moved to AZ in 1994 as I was searching for a different career to fulfill my calling to help and inspire people.

What I can’t stop talking about…

Our wonderful people here at WAP… I am blessed to work side-by-side with truly amazing, kind and caring individuals that bring joy and effective solutions to everyone associated with our business.

What you might not know about me…

In 1994, I suffered a closed head injury from a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet (it is questionable whether it knocked any sense into me!). This prompted my looking into a new career. Since I loved working with people and math, my occupational therapist connected me with an insurance business. I interviewed and began my insurance career in 1995. The rest is history!