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Staff List

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Ana Iamandi Ana Iamandi
Broker Service Specialist 291
Cord Moorhead Cord Moorhead
Senior Marketing Manager 308
Damon Rose Damon Rose
Sales Support 275
Erin Toscano Erin Toscano
Contracting Service Specialist 303
Jean Lentsch Jean Lentsch
Compliance Officer 295
Jessica Smith Jessica Smith
Administrative Assistant 306
Joe Weirather Joe Weirather
Application Architect 300
Mari Rose Tautimes Mari Rose Tautimes
Co-CEO 294
Mel Rose Mel Rose
Chairman of the Board 602-770-5063 Direct
Mitch Shelton Mitch Shelton
Systems Administrator and Data Analyst 293
Molly Barrett Molly Barrett
Sales Support 311
Nic LeClair Nic LeClair
Commissions Analyst 302
Paul Rose Paul Rose
Co-CEO 281
Rachel Fanguy Rachel Fanguy
Contracting Service Specialist 301
Rosemary Moreno Rosemary Moreno
Broker Service Specialist 297
Sande Ellett Sande Ellett
HR Manager and Executive Assistant to Paul Rose and Mari Rose 296
Sherri Johnson Sherri Johnson
Broker Service Specialist 288
Solana Bottem Solana Bottem
Vice President of Operations 226
Suzie Maschino Suzie Maschino
Broker Service Specialist 287
TJ Faletoi TJ Faletoi
Contracting Service Specialist 286
Todd Welch Todd Welch
Director of Finance 299