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Cigna HealthSpring Opportunity

About the Company

Cigna-HealthSpring is a leading health services company committed to helping our nation’s Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries live healthier, more active lives through personalized, affordable and easy-to-use health care solutions.

Cigna offers many choices to support healthy aging and meet the customers’ individual health care needs through personal attention, wellness and preventive care. They support the doctor-patient relationship through innovative clinical and customer engagement, holistic care coordination and detailed analytics.

Core Carrier Offerings:

Direct paid competitive commissions, paid monthly

Direct paid override agency contracts available, for managers over a team of agents

Strong brand recognition and dedicated broker support

Strong local sales leadership

Reasons Licensed Agents Should Offer:

Some of the best Broker Managers in Arizona

Strong standard HMO and C-SNP HMO

One of the highest star rated plans in Arizona

40 of the top 50 rated doctors in Arizona

CMG clinic model allows deep access to medical care in Maricopa

Long term commitment to Medicare beneficiaries

Strong retention on their plans

One of the largest specialist networks in Maricopa County