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Taunya Altamirano

Taunya Altamirano | Contracting Service Specialist


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Toll Free: 800-955-5390

My business card should say…

Sarcasm Guru and all around knowledge sponge.

Why I enjoy being at WAP…

On my first day I felt like I had found my long lost family members! We have a great vibe and although we are crazy busy, everyone has such an incredibly enthusiastic attitude that you can’t help but be excited to spend time with them each day.

Ask me about (at WAP)…

Anything, if I don’t know I will dig around until I get an answer, even if it isn’t the answer you expected.

Where I am from and what brought me here…

I am from many places, much like other WAPPERS! I was born in Hayward, and lived all over central California until I got married. We then moved to Spokane, Washington and after 15 very snowy, cold and long winters we finally got smart and moved to Cave Creek, Arizona. After another short stint back in California, we were so happy to move back to the place we now call home, PHOENIX!

What I can’t stop talking about…

I am a talker, so whatever topic we are talking about I either have a plethora of questions for you or a plethora of answers, either way we will both walk away smiling and laughing.

What you might not know about me…

I am a Reiki Practitioner and form my life around positive energy and the results of that. Some say I have so much energy in my hands that the heat you instantly feel is a shock! But that energy will make you feel better, inside and out! Feel free to ask for a positive energy flow or bubble, as it is not only what I do, it is a huge part of who I am!