Do you have the luck of the Irish? ☘ - Western Asset Protection

Do you have the luck of the Irish? ☘

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this Friday, we have a fun challenge for you. Test your knowledge of Irish traditions by correctly answering the five questions below.
Anyone who responds with all five correct answers will earn an extra free drink at Wappy Hour this month.
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Here are the five questions – if you click through to our quiz form, you’ll find a selection of possible answers in multiple choice format.
  1. What animal did St. Patrick supposedly expel from Ireland?
  2. What happens to the Chicago River every year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  3. Where did the first St. Patrick’s Day parade take place?
  4. Before the 1970s, how did pubs in Ireland celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  5. What qualifies as a genuine shamrock?