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How to Conduct Careful, Compliant Presentations

Compliance is a big deal for Medicare advisors. Are you forgetting some crucial rules? There’s a lot for Medicare advisors to keep track of, and the rules can and do change. To make sure your presentations are fully compliant, there are several questions you should answer, including:

1. Are you REALLY ready to sell?

You do NOT want to sell a product for a carrier if you aren’t truly ready to sell. What could happen if you miss a step? Well, you might not get a commission on a sale you make, for one thing. Now is the time to make sure you’re not skipping any of the steps for your state or carrier.

Here are some of the steps you may have overlooked when determining whether you’re ready to sell:

  • Do you have all the continuing education credits you need to renew your health license? You need these!
  • Do you have your writing number in hand? Get it confirmed!
  • Do you have active E&O insurance? Make sure you provide a copy of your current insurance to your FMO and all of your carriers.

2. Are you meeting HIPAA requirements?

As a Medicare advisor, you handle a lot of sensitive personal and health information for your clients. You must take appropriate measures to keep this information safe. Otherwise, you could find yourself in breach of HIPAA regulations and your carrier contracts.

  • Protect physical information by storing applications in a locked trunk or cabinet.
  • Protect electronic information by using a password on your devices and encrypting your emails.

Data breaches are a serious concern, and independent brokers are being impacted by the growing worries surrounding privacy. Carriers have been auditing agents for HIPAA compliance – you need to take this seriously!

3. Are you collaborating with your carrier sales manager? 

Developing a relationship with your local manager is critical to your sales seminar success.  They know their rules inside and out, including when and how to file and what materials need to be presented.  In some cases, you can’t conduct a sales seminar or work a kiosk unless you complete special event training or sales manager authorization. They also might have some great tips to use carrier approved materials to promote and reach more potential customers before your event.  Reach out and get to know your local carrier sales team.

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