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Insurance Marketing Tech Tool: Scan from Adobe

At Western Asset Protection, we’re always on the lookout for tools and tricks that will make the job of agents easier. Since much of an agent’s work involves important documents, anything that helps agents process those documents is a welcome relief. That’s why we want to tell you about Scan, a new app from Adobe.

With Scan, creating a PDF of a document is as easy as taking a picture. You can use the app anywhere, and all you need is your phone. It’s available on iPhone and Android devices, and it’s free to download.

After you download it, using it is simple. Open the app. Use the camera setting to take a picture of the document. Then click “Save PDF” to create your file.

Don’t mistake the simplicity for a lack of importance. It might sound like all you’re doing is taking a picture and changing the file format, but Scan’s features mean that you’re doing much more than that.

Here’s why Scan is useful for insurance agents:

  • Clear documents: Scan is able to recognize the document in the photo and eliminate anything that’s unneeded – the table underneath the document, for example. If the initial document isn’t quite right, you can adjust the document by cropping, enhancing or rotating. As a result, a less than perfect picture produces a high-quality document, so you don’t have to spend an hour snapping photo after photo until you get one that’s just right.
  • Text recognition: Scan also has optical character recognition. With normal photographs, you can’t use search features. With PDFs created by Scan, you can. This means you’ll actually be able to use the documents you create.
  • Adobe family: If you already use Adobe products, adding this free app is a no- brainer. The PDFs you create using Scan can then be accessed from any device using the Adobe Document Cloud.

This app is great for turning important documents into PDFs, but it has other uses as well. Want to create a digital library of business cards? Scan makes that easy. Have notes from a meeting or presentation that you want to save? You can do it with Scan. Need to keep track of receipts for business expenses? Scan lets you create a digital record in no time.

Insurance agents manage a lot of information. We hope this tool makes life a little easier for you.