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Interesting Facts About Medicare Advantage Enrollment

Agents – If you’ve ever wondered about the size of your Medicare Advantage sales opportunity, you’re in for an insightful experience. AHIP’s March 2017 Medicare Advantage Enrollment report shows which states have the highest penetration of eligible people who buy Medicare Advantage products.

In the map below, the darkest states have the greatest penetration – more than 49%, and the lightest states have the lowest penetration – less than 10%. Here in Arizona, MA penetration is at 38%. That means that 62% of those who are eligible haven’t purchased MA yet.

If you scroll down, you’ll see that we’ve drilled down on the Arizona numbers, showing you MA penetration by county. While urban areas such as Maricopa, Pima and Santa Cruz counties have higher penetration, there is still a huge amount of opportunity for sales in some of the rural areas.

As always, WAP is here to support your MA sales efforts. If you haven’t already done so, request contracting here.