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Medicare & You 2022 Handbook

Using the 2022 Medicare & You Handbook

CMS has released the new Medicare & You handbook for 2022. This essential resource is packed with useful information that your clients need to know. It also provides step-by-step guidance that is compliant and CMS approved, so it’s the perfect marketing resource!

Here’s how you can use the Medicare & You handbook in your meetings and communications.

Make Sure Your Clients Have Received the New Handbook

CMS mails out the new Medicare & You handbook each fall, ahead of the annual election period. Your clients should have received it sometime in late September. Now is a great time to check in with your clients to make sure they got it. If they haven’t, or if they need it in a different format or language, send them to this website link to get a copy.

You can download a PDF in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese. You can also download a large print version in either English or Spanish. If you wish, you can email one of these PDFs to your clients ahead of your meeting. It’s a good idea to point out the pages you’d like them to review.

Let your clients know that there are many ways to engage with the handbook:

  • You can download an e-book version to read on your Kindle or other e-reader.
  • You can listen to an audio version in English or Spanish through the Medicare & You podcast.
  • You can order an audio CD of the handbook.
  • You can order a copy of the handbook in braille.
  • You can order a paper handbook.
  • You can also access the handbook online anytime at

Point Out New and Useful Information

A lot of the information in the Medicare & You handbook stays the same from year to year, but there can be important updates.

The 2022 handbook has the following changes:

  • New information on COVID-related items and services can be found on page 37.
  • New information on cognitive assessment and care planning services can be found on page 34.
  • New information on Medicare coverage for a blood-based biomarker test for colorectal cancer can be found on page 36.

Highlight these changes for your clients. Also point out some important information that is not new. For example, page 97 give information on avoiding fraud, and page 9 has tips for getting the most out of Medicare. Clients who are having trouble affording care will want to look at page 91, which has information on how to get help paying health and drug costs. For a list of definitions, beneficiaries can turn to page 121.

See the index near the beginning of the handbook for a full list of topics that are covered in the handbook and share this information with your clients.

Provide Additional Resources

The Medicare & You handbook is great, but it’s only updated once a year. When new information comes out between editions, you’ll need to find it in other sources.

  • The gov site is the central hub for official resources.
  • The Medicare & Coronavirus page has updated information on the COVID-19 vaccine, boosters, and other pandemic-related issues.
  • The Medicare blog has posts on issues that are important to Medicare beneficiaries. For example, the September 2021 post is about protecting your Medicare card, and one of the August 2021 posts is about getting preventative care. These are great posts to share with your clients.

Don’t Assume Your Clients Know Everything in the Handbook

Yes, your clients should receive the handbook each year. Don’t assume this means they read all of it.

This is a good opportunity for you. The handbook contains important information, but it can also be overwhelming. Make sure your clients have the format that’s right for them, and then point out information that can help them. You can do this in meetings, but you can also highlight information on your website or in your social media posts.

Remember to Encourage Information Sharing

When you email your clients with details about the Medicare & You handbook, tell them to be sure to share your email with any friends who could benefit from this helpful information. Who knows? You might get a referral!

Maximize Your Professionalism

It isn’t often that insurance agents receive a sales tool that is comprehensive, compliant, unbiased and accessible for all. Yet, the Medicare & You handbook offers all of those advantages. By using the handbook effectively, you can maximize your professionalism and impress your clients.