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Virtual Conference Etiquette

Virtual conferences are a new experience for many people. If you haven’t attended one before, you might not be sure what to expect – or what’s expected of you. Here’s a quick guide to help you get ready for WAPCon2020.

Prepare the Day Before

Pre-plan your session schedule. From the WAPCon2020 platform, click on the “Agenda” link at the top of the page for detailed session descriptions, speaker profiles, and PDF handouts. Click on the “plus sign” on a session to add it to your personal agenda.

While you’re in there, click on the “Account” link at the top of the screen and update your profile. Add a profile picture and tell us a little about yourself so others can connect with you. This is your virtual face.

Dress Appropriately

People tend to dress pretty casually – sometimes really casually when working from home – but that’s probably not the best way to exude professionalism while participating in a virtual conference. We recommend wearing business casual attire for WAPCon2020, just as you would if you attended in person.

While it’s true that you won’t be on camera most of the time, dressing the part helps us all put on a professional face for this event. Plus, you’ll be ready to participate in personalized Zoom meetings if and when the opportunity presents itself during the conference.

Be Ready, Focused and Fully Present

The purpose of this event is to help you have the best AEP of your career. You will get more out of the experience if you commit to being fully present. So, please silence your phone, close your email and other windows and block out all potential distractions.

Print a copy of your schedule, get a beverage and your note-taking supplies. You may even want to connect your computer to a big screen TV so you can immerse yourself in the experience.

Be Patient

All of us are adjusting to this new virtual experience. If you feel frustrated or uncertain, know that you are not alone. There is a support desk team on hand to help you troubleshoot any issues. Likewise, please be patient with the WAPCon2020 organizers and facilitators if they encounter technical challenges. We are in this together!

Optimize Your Experience

We may not be in the same building, but we are in the same industry, and we share similar goals and challenges. Tap into the collective brainpower of the WAPCon2020 group. Meet new people, ask questions and make the most of our time together. Here are a few tips:

  • Show up for each session on time. Rollouts must be attended at the scheduled time in order to receive certification credit.
  • Engage with others. As an attendee, you will have multiple chances to network with your colleagues. Say hi in chats and browse a list of participants and exhibitors. You just need to click on their name to connect.
  • Schedule appointments. Book one-on-one, private meetings and chats, connect with the right people, schedule video calls with exhibitors, vendors and carrier partners, and gain answers to your questions.
  • Visit the exhibitor booths. View Medicare related products and services through the exhibition booths. Choose to explore any of the displayed material and information.
  • Ask questions. Every session and every booth will have someone ready to answer your questions via chat, private message and video meetings.
  • Participate in surveys and live polls. Give us feedback and influence the direction of the presentation. Your feedback and participation are key to making WAPCon a successful event year after year.
  • Download content. Every booth and presentation will have content for you to download. We recommend creating a folder and downloading content as you go.
  • Play games. Let’s have some fun. Check out the games tab and take a shot at winning some prizes.
  • Get social. Show your followers that you are attending a national Medicare virtual conference. Share photos of yourself in WAPCon gear or what session you’re attending and post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you spend your time. To make the post public on Facebook, add #WAPCon2020 and tag @westernassetprotection.
  • Get your stretch and your groove on. There will be multiple opportunities for breaks with music, light stretching, yoga moments and some laughs to keep the energy flowing.

Keep Learning After the Event

All sessions will be recorded and available after the event ends. So, if you have to choose between two sessions, don’t worry – you can come back and watch a recording of the one you missed.

See you at WAPCon2020!