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Medicare Insurance Agent Business Cards

Is It Time to Update Your Medicare Insurance Agent Business Cards?

When is the last time you updated your Medicare insurance agent business cards? If it’s been a while—or if you’ve never ordered any—now is a great time to get a new batch made. There are many options for creating personalized business cards. Here are seven print and digital business card providers to consider.

Printed Business Cards

  • Moo: From size options to paper type, design and even finish, Moo offers customizable business cards to help keep you and your business top of mind. With so many styles to choose from, this is a great option for agents looking for creative cards to stand out from the crowd. Starting at $20 for 50 cards for the Original Business Card package, you can choose between a matte or gloss finish. They also offer an eco-friendly Cotton Business Card option made from recycled T-shirt fabric. You can choose between the standard business card size (3.5 x 2.0), the “MOO” card size—a bit bigger than the standard—a square shape or even mini cards! To top it off, you can add gold or silver foil or a raised spot gloss to really shine through the deck.
  • Zazzle: For those of you looking for a more classic professional look or more bang for your buck, check out Zazzle. Get 100 cards from packages starting at only $21.40, and with their frequent promotions, it might be even more affordable.
  • Vistaprint: For a variety of design options starting at $17 for 100 cards, look into Vistaprint. Their Standard Package offers traditional paper stock in matte and glossy finishes and it is best for high-volume events, while their Premium Package—which is most popular—offers thicker stock paper with more eye-catching finishes and is best for everyday use. And if you want a one-of-a-kind card, you can get creative with unique finishes including plastic, triple color layers, foil accents and more with their Specialty Package.
  • My Creative Shop: Evaluate My Creative Shop if you want to go a different route, or if you have high-volume needs for your business. For a monthly subscription of $19.99, you can get unlimited printing and mailing services. They provide regular-sized business card options and thousands of unique design options to mail out postcards. You can even design and build campaigns and track your progress.
  • Prime Business Cards: Check out Prime Business Cards if you want to really take things up a notch and get fancy. From its premium paper to its use of metal, you can have your business card look like a credit card and stand out from the pile of cards on your clients’ and prospects’ desks. With so many options to choose from, they allow you to select which route you want to go and get a quote. They even offer logo design for $400 and complete branding for $800. If you already have a logo you want to use for your card, you can simply upload the image while getting your quote.

Digital Business Cards

  • Mobilo: Save money and space with digital business cards by Mobilo, starting at only $7. You can choose between the classic, wood and metal looks in distinct colors. Simply place your order, create your design, review and proof and then get your card. Using digital cards can save you and your company hundreds of dollars in printing and paper costs per year.
  • Switchit: Enjoy using the leading digital business card app with Switchit. You can easily create digital business cards, share your card with anyone, include a profile video and follow up with clients quickly. The app contains SMART contact management which allows you to call or text contacts, add new contacts, export them to your phone and even write personalized notes to remember key details. Its other popular features include custom branding, file attachment, a business card scanner, calendar integration and more. You can take advantage of its free package and create up to four business cards for you and your practice.

While electronic cards work well for conferences and networking with other professionals, paper cards still work best when you’re interacting with your Medicare clients, enclosing them in thank you notes and attending in-person networking events. It may be best to have both a print and digital card for your business to be ready for any opportunity.

Finally, don’t let your business refresh stop with your business cards. If you have other items used for your business such as flyers, letters or a website, be sure to update or refresh your content. Don’t forget to have a Compliance Officer review all items to be sure they remain compliant – an added benefit for Western Asset Protection agents who trust our in-house Compliance Officer, Jean Lentsch, to review the items. Contact us if you need any assistance. We’re here for you!