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Ending Q1 Strong

Medicare Sales: How to End the Quarter Strong

The first quarter is almost wrapped up!  What have you done to make sure you have a great AEP?

Wait, isn’t AEP in October, and we are just now wrapping up Q1, so … why would I worry about AEP now?  Good question, but AEP reflects your marketing and sales efforts throughout the year.  It is very difficult to have a successful AEP when you have had a lack-luster year leading up to it.

Here are some ideas to finish your Q1 strong and create the momentum to have a great AEP:

Contact Your New Clients

If you picked up new clients in the past AEP, make sure their new plan is going well and they have received all their materials, mainly their cards.  But what if there is an issue and then my new client is upset and venting about it?  The real question to ask there, why didn’t they call you when there was an issue?  Be proactive, show your clients you are there to help, and when they have an issue, you are the first person to call.  Otherwise, you are opening the door to other agents!

Collect Email Addresses

Most people coming into Medicare or who are below 70 years old have an email address.  They may not use it all the time, but it is there.  Make it a habit add them to your quarterly email newsletter, so you can keep top of mind with them.  Don’t have an email quarterly newsletter?  Check out  But my clients don’t have email!  Really, all your clients don’t have email.  None of them use Facebook or Amazon.  I would believe that if they were all 85+ years old. Don’t base your retention strategies on a small portion of your clients.  This is mass marketing, so make it for the masses!

Build Professional Referral Sources

Your clients use other professionals.  Pharmacists, P&C agents, elder law attorneys, financial planners, CPA’s, etc.  Many of these other professionals do not offer Medicare insurance, nor do you probably offer the same services as them.  This is the perfect recipe for building a professional referral network.  Go connect with other professionals in your area and start offering each other’s services.  TIP: Make it reciprocal and do not involve money for referrals.  CMS has strict guidelines regarding referral fees and the quickest way to erode a relationship is to involve money.

When should you start all this?  Yesterday.  Start now and by the time AEP is here, you can have professional referrals and a stronger book of business!